Winter in Yosemite

There was a little trip planned to go shoot some photos, ride motorcycles and surf but we didn’t have any specific destinations yet. The day before departure we got word that Yosemite was covered in snow and now we had our first destination. It warmed up a bit when we first pulled into the valley […]

Bordeaux, France

France was not a place I had planned to re visit anytime soon, but when the opportunity came I was happy to go and visit a part of the country I had not been to before. Bordeaux is a very walkable city. There is a great path that follows the river and many people use […]

Easter Island

Not in my wildest travel dreams have I imagined visiting Easter Island. I have seen many images and heard the deliberations on how the statues were moved around the island. Se looked into a few options for getting around the island and once we saw the motorcycles we knew that was going to be the way. […]

Ambodifototra, Madagascar

I still can’t pronounce the name of this city, or ever spell it. Arrived to this little island town off the coast of Madagascar to some pretty heavy rains. It seemed that everyone just stopped doing what they were doing to let it pass by since they all knew it wouldn’t last to long. We visited […]

Oak Flat Lookout

Randomly one night sitting with some friends I remembered about old fire lookout towers and that some were available to rent out to stay in. I jumped on my phone to see if the closest one was available for any days I would be in town in the coming weeks. So happened that there was […]

Sydney, Australia

Australia has been a place I have wanted to visit for quite some time and I was excited to get the chance at a day to cruise around Sydney. Early in the morning I set out to see as many of the top spots as possible. This brought me out to the end of the […]

Alabama Hills

I have driven by this place many times and heard great things about it. When my friend Dave told me he wanted to get out of town for a night and test out his new car/trailer set up I thought this would be the perfect place. It is always a pleasure to drive along the […]

Hamburg, Germany

I have been to Germany before, but only to Berlin. I feel like Berlin gives a little skewed version of Germany since it is so multicultural and urban with district architecture. I was excited when I heard that I would be going on assignment in Hamburg for three weeks to document the renovation of a cruise ship. […]