Easter Island

Not in my wildest travel dreams have I imagined visiting Easter Island. I have seen many images and heard the deliberations on how the statues were moved around the island. Se looked into a few options for getting around the island and once we saw the motorcycles we knew that was going to be the way. It was really fun to be able to feel the wind in the face while riding on the small road that circumnavigates the island. The best part of the motorcycles was being able to take slight detours off the main road to see some of the more untamed parts of the island. The blues were so blue and the greens very green. The island is a lot more populated then I would have imagined. Stopping at the quarry where the statues were carved was quite a scene, but we got a chance to walk through when there were not hoards of crowds. The statues are much bigger and impressive then they seem in photos. After stopping at a few more of the main attractions we rode across the island to get back to our departure point in slight rain storm. With some time to kill after returning our trusty vehicles we jumped in the water at the main beach in town to rinse off. Unknowingly to us we slightly crashed a body surfing contest that was happening…and realized thats why people were yelling at us from the beach. Would be great to have more time to explore the island and see parts that are only accessible by foot, but we crammed in a lot in the short time we had on this awesome island.

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