Austin, Texas

I had previously been to Austin on a cross country motorcycle trip a few years ago. We were tired and didn’t get much time to get around and see any of the sites. I was happy this time to have some free time to get around and experience more of the city. A few friends who are from Austin, or have recently moved there, were in town and we got out a little. It is nice to go to a city and have a little inside knowledge about it. We ate a lot of delicious BBQ while in town, but Salt Lick took the cake. We had a nice tourist day visiting all of the popular things to do in Austin, like a whirlwind tour of the city.

I even got to surf an artificial wave on our last day. This is something as a kid sitting in school you dream of. JR picked me up and we headed outside the city a bit to surf Nland surf park. We got lucky with it being empty and got a session to ourselves. I did another session since it was my first time here and had no idea when I would ever do something like this again. Strange, fun feeling. It wasn’t like ocean surfing, nothing can really replace that. It was really, really fun and I am happy I got to try it out.

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