Fukuoka, Japan

It had been four years since my dad and I have visited Japan. It was a much needed trip to visit family we have not seen in a long time. My aunt and uncle now lived in a new house right on the ocean. We had the chance to set out and go fishing a few times which was really fun. After the days catch we would go back and prep some of the fish for a great dinner.

We mostly stayed in the country side of Itoshima. It was very quite with not much going happening but farming and fishing. The food from this whole area is some of my favorite in the world. Every chance we got we would stop and get some ramen and it is unlike anywhere else in the world. One of the ramen restaurants has been run by the same family since my dad was a child. They remember us being the “american” people coming in to eat every few years.

A few of the days we visited the city of Tenjin to do some shopping and visit some friends. It was nice to see a lot of friendly faces of the city. We got the chance to go to a baseball game which is always a treat. Japanese baseball fans are amazing and unlike anywhere else. This trip reminded me about how much I like Japan, and that I should visit more often.

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