Fukuoka, Japan

It had been four years since my dad and I have visited Japan. It was a much needed trip to visit family we have not seen in a long time. My aunt and uncle now lived in a new house right on the ocean. We had the chance to set out and go fishing a […]

Japan on Film

Right before my trip to Japan I picked up an old little 35mm point and shoot. I remembered having fun just not really knowing if the shot would come out and the feel of those cameras. It was easy to fit in my pocket and super unassuming and quiet. Here are some fun images out […]

Japan by Air

Took a trip with my dad to Japan to visit some family. It was much needed trip. I decided to bring my drone along to photograph my uncles house located in Itoshima. It is right next to the ocean and near a beautiful basalt rock feature. Here are a few images I got from the […]