Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

For how close Mexico is to California I really have not traveled there much. This made me excited to be able to get down there for work. We had scheduled in a few down days with no work right before the shoot so we would have time to relax and enjoy. We stayed at Hacienda […]

Austin, Texas

I had previously been to Austin on a cross country motorcycle trip a few years ago. We were tired and didn’t get much time to get around and see any of the sites. I was happy this time to have some free time to get around and experience more of the city. A few friends […]

Richmond, Virginia

Took a short work trip to Richmond, Virginia earlier this year. I was not sure what to expect during our stay except for the heat. We stayed in a nice centrally located hotel. It was nice to be able to walk around to the restaurants. A lot of the store fronts on the main streets […]

Fukuoka, Japan

It had been four years since my dad and I have visited Japan. It was a much needed trip to visit family we have not seen in a long time. My aunt and uncle now lived in a new house right on the ocean. We had the chance to set out and go fishing a […]

Japan on Film

Right before my trip to Japan I picked up an old little 35mm point and shoot. I remembered having fun just not really knowing if the shot would come out and the feel of those cameras. It was easy to fit in my pocket and super unassuming and quiet. Here are some fun images out […]

Japan by Air

Took a trip with my dad to Japan to visit some family. It was much needed trip. I decided to bring my drone along to photograph my uncles house located in Itoshima. It is right next to the ocean and near a beautiful basalt rock feature. Here are a few images I got from the […]

St. Louis, Missouri

Took a trip out to St. Louis for a week of work. I had been through before on a cross country drive, but never spent any time there. Our schedule allowed us to have some free time to roam around and eat some tasty foods. We also made the time to go up in The […]

British Virgin Islands

Spent two weeks working on Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands. It is quite the trek to travel there from the west coast. Three planes and a boat got us to our destination. We were situated right at the end of Virgin Gorda where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean. The wind at this time […]

Reyes Peak Bike Camping

With all the recent rain storms passing through California, the mountains are greener then I can ever remember. I had a feeling some of the back roads would be closed due to all the rains. The only way to access them would be to hike or bike. I have been camping in the Pine Mountain […]