Bali, Indonesia. Pt. 2

The second part of my week going around Bali started off with a much to long of a ride to meet a friend back in Kuta to borrow a surfboard from Alex who I met earlier in Bali. My driver refused to ask anyone for directions and it took about 45 minutes of being lost until he gave in. Finally made it to Alex and asked if I would have enough time to grab a cab to catch a ferry to Nusa Lembongan where I wanted to spend a couple days. He was skeptical and told me to hop on the back of his scooter and he would take me to the ferry. With surfboard rack and luggage he quickly maneuvered us through crazy Bali traffic and got me to Sanur just in time to catch the last ferry out. The 30 minute ride over was beautiful as it was all happening during sunset. When we arrived I got a hold of a local scooter hire and asked some directions to get to a hotel I thought would have a room available for the night. I had set a goal to get the the adjacent island of Nusa Ceningan to a hotel close to a point I wanted to surf. The only way onto this other island is a suspension bridge called the “Yellow Bridge”. After getting a bit lost(but laughing the whole time) I made it over the Yellow Bridge and to the hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel was booked. They were kind enough to help me out and ask around and I ended up at a newly built hotel on the bluff. It actually worked out well since I woke up, ate breakfast and watched the surf spot I wanted to surf for a while. After a morning surf I went back in to pack up and look for another place to stay. I planned on staying two more nights on these two islands and since it seemed to be booking up fast I got a room on Nusa Lembongan so I didn’t have to spend much more time searching. Weirdly for how “busy” everything was I was the only person staying in this little compound. I was super intrigued on all the seaweed farming happening on the island(what it is know for) and was fortunate to catch up with a guy on his morning harvest to snag a photo. On my last day there I was lucky to catch a pretty big swell that was coming through. I surfed for a few hours in the morning with only a few guys out and was joined by a pod of dolphins who surfed the waves way better then anyone. It felt good to get some super clear blue water waves breaking over the reef. I caught the afternoon ferry out for my last night in Bali. I met an awesome couple Joel and Emily earlier in the week in Medewi and they said they were meeting some people in Canngu on my last night in Bali. I decided to head out there to get a surf in and hang out with them. Canggu is an ex-pat heavy area that is very “hip” and pretty un-Bali, but I wanted to go see what it was about. We had a great time grabbing some dinner and hang out with some newly made friends. My flight was not until the afternoon the following day so I got a morning surf in with my new Aussie friends and grabbed a delicious breakfast before having to head to the airport. I had a great time wandering around Bali looking for surf and the best Nasi Goreng, it made the 30 hour travel home worth it.

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