Bali, Indonesia. Pt. 1

Took the long(long…) journey out to Bali, Indonesia for a work trip. I was fortunate to be able to extend for a week to go out and venture on my own and find some waves. The first two weeks were spent photographing some beautiful hotels in two different locations. Did not have the chance to see the surrounding areas of the hotels much, but some opportunities came about. After work ended I headed out west to a town called Medewi in the search fora  certain wave. I found a place within a short scooter ride to the wave hosted by a local guy who spoke perfect Japanese. When he found out I spoke Japanese he was really happy and that is how we spoke to each other the rest of the time. In this part of Bali there were a few mosques that would begin their prayers around 5am and then wakeup the roosters…so getting up early was always part of the plan. The surf was fun and the weather was good. I made some friends with the local guys and was able to rent a really fun surfboard. After a final morning surf, I said my goodbyes to my new friends I made and took a crazy traffic filled ride back to “civilization” where I would head out to the next part of my trip. It was really nice to have spent some time in Bali a bit out of the tourist zone.

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