Bonneville Speek Week

Since the dawn of two wheels, people wanted to go faster and faster. Scott got an itch for this land speed thing after a visit to the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats a few years previous. He purchased an old motorcycle not meant for going fast at all in attempts to make it do so. I have seen many pictures from this race and particular area and it has intrigued me for a long time. When I was asked to join the team to go out to be part of the “pit” team and photograph the journey I was stoked. It is quite the trek from our homes in Southern California so we split the drive into two days. On our way out we heard rumors of heavy rains and that currently the salt flats were covered in water. With more potential storms on the horizon this was not good news…we pushed along and made it out to Bonneville to see it all covered in water and many disappointed faces. That afternoon a heavy rainstorm came through just to put the nail in the coffin for Speed Week 2014…it was cancelled. We headed out early the next morning since there was nothing worth staying for in Wendover, Utah. On our way back we were driving along a two lane highway with little traffic and decided we should take the land speed bike out for a little run. We got some great photos and video of Scott pushing this old motorcycle to its limits. Right after we finished and were about to load up a police car drove by, and then turned around at our sight…not the best feeling. Lucky for us, he was more interested in the motorcycle itself then the fact that it was not street legal and had no place out on the road. After a few laughs and sighs of relief we headed back west with the hoped of another trip to Bonneville Speed Week in the future.

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