New Orleans, Louisiana.

I have had a few opportunities to visit New Orleans a few times for work and for pleasure. This time mostly for work but made the time to get out and see/taste the sites. If you are not a fan of heat and humidity, this is not the place for you in the summer. Walking out from our air conditioned hotel was like getting hit by a wall of heat. Most of the days in the afternoon it would just begin to pour rain for a few hours, but afterwards the temperatures cooled down and it felt nice out. I got the chance to eat a “Mile High Pie” from the Caribbean Room restaurant and it was quite tasty. Other foods included some beignets, jambalaya and delicious meats. Taking the street cars was a fun way to get uptown or downtown as they take you right down the main streets. Saw plenty of live music which is always a pleasure and got lucky to see a performance at Preservation Hall. This legendary hall has helped keep traditional Jazz music going and strong in this area. We saw a group of the legends who really know how to put on a show. Spent a decent amount of time in the French Quarter and its surroundings, avoiding Bourbon Street as much as possible. Escaped to City Park, which is humungous, to enjoy some more peaceful time on the last day in town. Next time I will be sure to visit in some of the cooler months.

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  1. These are SO beautiful! Being here every day, it’s always cool to see New Orleans from different perspectives. Thank you for being so sweet to it. You really captured something special.

    1. Thank you very much! It is a very fun city to walk around and photograph.

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