Redwood National Forest

Another highlight of riding a motorcycle around the country was to get to ride north through the Redwood National Forest. It is pretty far to just go to for a trip as it is a few hours north of San Francisco up Highway 1. As we got further away from the city the roads and towns got smaller and smaller. The sun was getting low with our usual late start so we stopped to plan a camping spot for the night. After looking one up on the beach we attempted to take the dirt road out there, but it would have gotten pretty sketchy on our old police motorcycles. The highway has signs for Elk crossings all over and they were seriously about it. The Elk wandered where they wanted crossing an offramp very slowly right in front of us. When we found an easier camp site to get to we stopped at the local mart and grabbed some firewood and a better dinner then we would have eaten if we made it to the remote beach. It got cold pretty fast and the fire felt very nice. The minimal light pollution led to a great showing of stars in the sky. I don’t think I have woken up to tent as covered in condensation as the next morning. It took quite some time for most of it to trip off, same with all of it on our motorcycles. The elk wandered thought the tall grass as we ate breakfast. The sun warmed us up before we packed the bikes and hit the road north for the somewhat long journey to Oregon.

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