Mexico City

Only living a few hours from Mexico, I really have not been that much. Mexico is not close driving wise, but is just a short flight away from LAX. I was happy to get the chance to head down for a week for work. We had a pretty busy schedule but I was able to sneak out some evenings and we all worked hard to allow some free time on the back end. The history of this city is very interesting, and I learned a lot from a trip to the National Museum of Anthropology. This is one of the top ten most populated cities in the world and there was always something happening outside. Being from Southern California I have had my fair share of Mexican inspired food, but the cuisine in Mexico City was amazing. Much more refined then its counterparts back home. I think I ate my weight in guacamole of all sorts(including one with grasshoppers). The architecture in the Zocola was a sight to see and we lucked out with some fantastic light when we visited. This city is a place that definitely takes more then a few hours at a time of wandering. This was just a taste of what is available to take in and appreciate.

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