Santa Marta & Cartagena, Colombia.

Had a brief visit to the two colorful cities of Santa Marta and Cartagena in Colombia. Had to chance to just go walk around and get a feel for the places. The colors and people were both vibrant and warm. In Santa Marta I was able to catch some Salsa dancers give us a little show and they were more then happy to get some photos taken after and we enjoyed some laughs together. While walking around Santa Marta a tour guide asked a security guard to join us and show us some sites. He took us around the water front he escorted us (on a Segway) to get some ceviche. We purchased a snack for him and we all enjoyed eating it in the shade of the police shack. There were some local kids jumping in the water chasing after some coins, so we headed over there to watch for a few. They were all super intrigued by our cameras so we let them play with the cameras for a bit.

The historic walled city center of Cartagena was just as colorful as Santa Marta, if not more. The streets were small and it was easy to get lost. It seemed like a movie set with the street vendors and walls with perfect patina as the backdrop. The street performers were some of the best I have seen. Super choreographed and excited to do what they were doing. Even with the short stay I could see why people would want to come visit this colorful, historic city.

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