Road Trip: Oregon Coast Bound

A group of us gathered early one morning on a mission to get up as far north on the coast of California and into Oregon. The vans and trucks were loaded with camping gear, surfboards, motorcycles and more. The first leg of the drive was a lot of highway miles, hitting traffic, and an overturned oil big rig that would block us from going further north. This lead us to detour out of our way towards the coast looking for a place to camp. We set up in dark just being able to see our immediate surroundings. We had no idea what we would see in the morning when the sun rose. To our surprise, it was an amazing view down the coast as the sun rose and the coastal fog lifted.

As we passed through the Avenue of the Giants, we pulled out the motorcycles so we could get some wind in our face while riding under some of the worlds biggest trees. The smell is unlike any other place I have experienced. The trees grow so tall that even in the middle of the day it seems like the sun is setting. After stretching our legs for a bit on the motorcycles, we trucked North. The day was getting away from us and the decision was made to camp in the Redwood National Forest. Our late night shenanigans and story telling did not please the neighbors.

We continued north into Oregon the next day. Many stops were made on the way to look for waves to surf but we couldn’t find anything worth while. I was super happy to bring up by dual sport motorcycle so I could ride it in the dirt or on the street whenever possible. As soon as we hit Oregon I pulled it off the trailer to ride it to camp. Our camp spot was located right along the Rogue River. It was very spacious and had everything we needed. Our final day was spent riding motorcycles in the mountains and then to the beach. We got a surf in finally and a nice campfire to warm us up right after. All of this was packed into just a few days, and it felt like a dream with the amounts of fun we had. The drive home was long and tedious, but we crated many memories that will last a very long time.

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  1. A stunning visual symphony. My dream is too be able to travel with my camera. Until then, your work shall bring me much comfort! Cheers.

    1. Thanks for the kind words!

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