Sequoia and Kings Canyon

Took a few days to head into the hills and feel small under some big trees. I have been to both of these places but it has been a few years. No agenda this time, just enjoy the outdoors. I remembered a few spots from a previous visit and we headed to Lake Hume. Unfortunately, a large fire recently made its way through Kings Canyon and the “lake” was now all drained to help fight the fire. The stars were out in full force since the moon was small and it made camp cooking that much better. The road into Kings Canyon really shows the diversity of the landscape.¬†It drops a few thousand feet and heads back into the wilderness that is only accessible by foot. Our search for water was successful and it was definitely some of the coldest water I have jumped in to.

It is great to come to a place so similar in landscape with Yosemite with a fraction of the people. You can enjoy some of the worlds largest trees, granite cliffs and endless trees with out the crowds. Driving under the tree canopy and along the winding road is even enjoyable. This is a place I would like to visit and become more familiar with.

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