Sequoia and Kings Canyon

Took a few days to head into the hills and feel small under some big trees. I have been to both of these places but it has been a few years. No agenda this time, just enjoy the outdoors. I remembered a few spots from a previous visit and we headed to Lake Hume. Unfortunately, […]

Winter in Yosemite

There was a little trip planned to go shoot some photos, ride motorcycles and surf but we didn’t have any specific destinations yet. The day before departure we got word that Yosemite was covered in snow and now we had our first destination. It warmed up a bit when we first pulled into the valley […]

Yellowstone National Park

A few years ago a friend(Greg) and I decided that riding matching police motorcycles across the country would be a great idea. Yes, yes it was a great idea indeed and we made so many memories along the way. One of my most memorable few days was our visit to Yellowstone National Park and its […]