British Virgin Islands

Spent two weeks working on Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands. It is quite the trek to travel there from the west coast. Three planes and a boat got us to our destination. We were situated right at the end of Virgin Gorda where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean. The wind at this time of year is constant, and the weather shifted many times.

On a day off, we took a boat to some further islands to do some snorkeling and see different destinations. The water is a blue I have no experienced in many other places. The shades of blue are incredible. Underwater, the sea life is very active and diverse. We even had the opportunity to swim down to a ship wreck. All the locals and visitors are very relaxed, just enjoying the day as time doesn’t seem to affect them.

Just outside our location was a bay filled with clear blue water and bordered by a white sand beach. Lucky for us the local turtles were out in full force. Everyday you could look out and see a handful of them surfacing after eating some “turtle grass” underwater. Everyday sail boats and catamarans would cruise on by, disappearing into the horizon. Jumping on a catamaran and island hopping is on the list of things to do one day.

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  1. Beautiful photos taken!

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