São Paulo, Brazil

After a little over a week of spending time in less populated areas of world, I had to prepare myself for entering one of the most populated cities. I like to do a little research about a city or area I will be visiting before hand. Seeing the statistics of São Paulo I knew we would only be touching the surface of the city. Upon arrival we met with out security man/tour guide and driver. They would both be crucial to us getting around and seeing what we needed to see.

We started up right away, getting in out van and driving around. Luckily, this first day was a holiday and the traffic was not bad. The city is huge and seemingly endless. The next few days involved a lot of driving around to the different points of interest. Those days we were not as lucky with the traffic, as business carried on as usual for the 12 million people in the metropolitan area. The street art is one the highlights of the city. All through out the streets you can see murals ranging from all types of subjects. We were able to get out and eat some delicious food on some our nights, which is always a bonus. We covered a lot of ground, from fancy shopping streets to the central market. I think it would take many years to experience all of what São Paulo has to offer.

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  1. I wish I saw such sights when I went to Brazil!

    1. Was fortunate to go and see a lot of the city, interesting place for sure.

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