Sydney, Australia

Australia has been a place I have wanted to visit for quite some time and I was excited to get the chance at a day to cruise around Sydney. Early in the morning I set out to see as many of the top spots as possible. This brought me out to the end of the harbor to The Gap, Bondi Beach and of course the Sydney Opera House. I was stoked to get to go on a tour of the Opera house since it is such a symbol of the city. The inside was pretty spectacular and with so many curves in the architecture. It would have been great to see a show in one of the venues, but that will have to wait for another time. While walking around the outside an older man stopped me to talk about cameras since he thought one I was carrying was an old film camera. We chatted for a bit and he cracked some good jokes. Later on I met with Lou and we cruised around downtown, or CBD(central business district) for you Australians. It felt like walking around a larger more crowded downtown Los Angeles. A few days earlier I got in touch with some friends of friends through the motorcycle community on the internet. We figured out a place we could meet and had just enough time to do so. Lou and I hopped on the bus and headed back to Bondi Beach to meet up with Nina from the Throttle Dolls, a girls motorcycle group, and her friend Shayne. We met for some tacos, which I did not expect to eat in Australia, and chatted it up about motorcycles and adventures. After dinner we headed down to the beach to check out some murals and shoot some photos. It was a great time hanging out with new friends and pretty amazing that we connected with rad people across the globe who are into the same things as we are.

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  1. May I know what film camera do you use? 🙂

    1. samsonkhatae says: Reply

      I use a few different ones from Nikon to Hasselblad. Most of these images on the blog currently are shot digital.

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