Mountaintop New Years

It was the end of another year and we all wanted to wake up in the middle of no where with no cell reception. A decent sized group gathered up and we loaded up all of our respective vehicles and hit the road north the end up on the Central Coast of California. Our arrival the night before New Years eve was much later then expected, so we camped at a group campsite so we didn’t have to navigate our way up a dirt road in complete blackness. Joy brought a huge tent that slept about ten people so most of us huddled in there. The following morning consisted of lots of bacon and potatoes cooked over an open fire and some beach time. We headed up to our mountaintop destination mid day to set up camp for the night and play around in the dirt on our motorcycles.¬†We watched a ridiculously beautiful sunset on the last sun down of 2015 while gathered around a campfire trying to stay warm. The wind kicked up and brought the chill factor up a lot. Dinner was made and consumed very quickly so everyone could gather inside the tent. Winter camping makes it difficult to stay up late since it gets dark and cold so early, so we did an east coast countdown at 9pm. Sparklers were lit and drinks were cheered followed by most people rushing into their sleeping bags. Some brave free stayed up until midnight. Morning came quickly and breakfast was again filled with bacon, potatoes and eggs before we all packed up and headed back south. Another successful New Years spent in the middle of no where.

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