Bogota, Colombia

I never really expected to get back to Colombia again, but had the opportunity on a job to get back down there. Last time in Colombia I only got to visit some coastal cities which were very beautiful. This time would be the capital city of Bogota. It was very high in elevation and much colder then I expected for a city in Colombia. Also….very crowded. Scooters seemed to be the best way to get around with all the traffic from the cars even tho riding around seemed very hectic. The weather also changed from sunny to cloudy/rainy in a moments notice. There was little time to explore the city but whenever I could I would head out for a walk to see as much as I could. We got the chance to taste some of the local eats and I ate as many empanadas as I could whenever I got the chance. The ice creams and sweets were also very tasty. Our last day in Bogota we took a driving tour outside the city to see some sights. We got early access to beat the crowds at the¬†Catedral de Sal(Salt Cathedral) which is built 200 meters into a salt mine. Strange place for a cathedral, but neat to see none the less. After a few more stops in some small towns he had our fix of the surrounding areas of Bogota and headed back to pack up for our super early flight out the next morning.

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