Miami, Florida

Spent some time in Miami, well… Surfside, Florida while on a decently long shoot. The location of where we were staying had great views of downtown Miami and unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean. My room was situated on the west side so I was able to enjoy the sunset over the Biscayne Bay almost every night.

There was not much time to head out into other parts of the Miami area, but one night the journey was made to get some Cuban food in South Beach. It was from a restaurant I had been to years ago on my first trip out this way. It is filled with all types of people and right on the heart of South Beach which makes it fun for people watching. The art-deco and neon is fun to look at, and is very prominent in the architecture. Being a transitional time in the seasons, the weather changed dramatically over the days. This made for many picturesque clouds and sunrises/sunsets. I prefer the West Coast to the East, but the constant warm waters in Florida do not disappoint.

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