Shredona, Arizona

When we found out that our friend Greg was getting married we knew it was a great excuse to take a trip and go do something fun. Many places were discussed but mountain biking in Sedona seemed like the best place to get it all done. We loaded two vans with the bikes and gear and journeyed out to Arizona. The cabin we rented was just big enough for all of us and was right on a trail so right away we got the bikes ready to spin our restless legs. It was forecasted to be pretty warm the whole trip so our rides started early and we ended up at some water source each day to cool off. The rocks in Sedona make for a very picturesque backdrop when riding and it really felt like being on some sort of movie set, the giant rock formations looming every which way you looked. Night time was the best time to get out to the “Vortexes” since during the day they were all hoarded with tourists and their selfie sticks.  The riding was very technical, it was a good kick in the ass to get a grasp at bike handling quickly. Fortunately only a few of us fell into cacti or took a tumble down some rocks surprisingly. Friends, bikes, some gun shooting and watering holes. Could not have asked for a better trip.

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