Saint-Malo, France

I have never felt more like I was in a pirate town then when we arrived in Saint-Malo and saw the walled city. It is surrounded by outcrops of rocks which, if it was large enough, had a fortress built on top of it. The tidal swings were also huge here and the water moved in and out very quickly. We walked out to one fortress on low tide on a cobblestone path and about 15 minutes later it was just starting to get covered in water. Some people didn’t get the memo and had to wade there way back over to the mainland with their shoes off. It is said to have the most restaurants in area then anywhere else in France but we managed to find a good one with delicious crepes and mussels.¬†It was a great time walking the walled city in high and low tide to see the difference. Not much has changed in styling of the buildings since it was a city of pirates and privateers and that added to the charm of it.

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