New York City, New York

It has been a while since I have visited New York for fun. Most of my trips there have been piggy backed on other work trips with not much free time. My friend Matt was sent out to work on a project for a few months. I took the opportunity to head out and stay with him to visit other friends and just have free time in the city.

It is fun to take the subway system and just walk to everywhere we could. At home, taking public transit is never on my mind. When in a town with a great public transportation system, I fully enjoy taking it. Seeing how it is so ingrained in peoples daily life is interesting to me as well.

We covered a lot of ground walking around as well. I normally am not a city person, but something about the buildings and how old everything is here makes it fun. There is also a ton of amazing food all over. It seemed we had a great meal or slice of pizza every couple hours. Glad to have made the time to head out and enjoy having no real agenda. It is a city I enjoy visiting.

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  1. Ughhhh I love these photos! Have you been to New Zealand? We have some pretty decent photographic scenery lol.
    Awesome work:)

    1. samsonkhatae says: Reply

      Thank you! I have been to New Zealand, but not for long enough. I would love to come visit for some more exploration.

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