Joshua Tree

As of recently I have been bitten by the rock climbing bug…I guess it was only a matter of time before it got me. Planned a little trip to head out to the beautiful landscape and climbing mecca Joshua Tree for a weekend trip. Lucky for Jesse and I we secured a great camp spot to spend the weekend in. The following day Mynor and Brittany joined us and we headed out to get some climbing in. That night a crazy rain/wind storm came through so we headed to town to get some Thai food to warm us up. The following day took us to the giant rock formation of Saddle Rocks to do my first big climb. It was a mental game and scary at the times but well worth the view from the top! After a much longer climb then expected we headed back to make some quesadillas and hang out fireside while watching the stars give a great show in the sky. Sunday we took it easy and enjoyed what we could before taking off for the drive home. Celebratory ice cream sandwiches were had on the way out to cap off a great few days. I have been to Joshua Tree numerous times before for work and this was all before I started climbing. Now I look at it with a different perspective and a lot more respect for what is available to have fun on.

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