Ambodifototra, Madagascar

I still can’t pronounce the name of this city, or ever spell it. Arrived to this little island town off the coast of Madagascar to some pretty heavy rains. It seemed that everyone just stopped doing what they were doing to let it pass by since they all knew it wouldn’t last to long. We visited a little zoo that had some lemurs and other crazy looking animals. One of the workers let us get in the cage with some and the lemurs were pretty confused about it. After playing with some lemurs we all went to a little beach resort to eat some lunch and get some relaxing time on the beach. The food was all fresh and delicious looking and all cooked right there in front of us. The beach was empty and the water warm, it felt really good to lounge around and hang out in the water for bit. Heading back to town we ran into a group of kids that were all excited to pose for the camera. There was an open air market that this town is known for and it was a sight to see. Meat without any refrigeration and flies all over it, but that was the norm. It was interesting seeing all the random things that were for sale in the different stalls. Anything from clothing, cell phones, to metal bits and pieces. While sitting in the main intersection shooting a time lapse a guy came up to me interested in what I was doing. His name was Henry and we chatted about traveling and what I was up to. I let him play around with one of my cameras and film a bit and he was really stoked on it. We traded emails and I sent him some photos down the line. It is always fun talking to local people and getting their perspective on their little town.

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