Mexico City

Only living a few hours from Mexico, I really have not been that much. Mexico is not close driving wise, but is just a short flight away from LAX. I was happy to get the chance to head down for a week for work. We had a pretty busy schedule but I was able to […]

Bali, Indonesia. Pt. 2

The second part of my week going around Bali started off with a much to long of a ride to meet a friend back in Kuta to borrow a surfboard from Alex who I met earlier in Bali. My driver refused to ask anyone for directions and it took about 45 minutes of being lost […]

New Orleans, Louisiana.

I have had a few opportunities to visit New Orleans a few times for work and for pleasure. This time mostly for work but made the time to get out and see/taste the sites. If you are not a fan of heat and humidity, this is not the place for you in the summer. Walking […]